Chauffeur service

Rent a car with a driver in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Sochi and other cities of Russia. We accept credit cards. Our staff speak English.

Chauffeur service

Our main service is a chauffeur driven car rental for any period of time in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and other cities Russia. We collaborate with the best companies and drivers in Russia, and is constantly expanding. Make a request for chauffeur service in any city of Russia.

The most important elements of the transport business are not cars, but people: managers and drivers. So we spend a lot of time on the selection of personnel, after passing all the checks and tests to our company gets 1 out of 50 applicants. For us it is very important, because it is the only way we can provide our customers the best service.

In the process of selection of the drivers we pay attention not only on driving skills and orientation in the city, but also the ability to provide chauffeur services, the ability to be more than just the driver, because our customers do not just want to get from one point to another, they want to get a personal chauffeur for any period of time. Our drivers take pride in their work, always strive to provide the highest level of service. Feedback from our customers confirm that we are doing everything right and strengthen our commitment to the continuous improvement of our service.

Thank you for your trust!